Genetics Workshop at ASPIRE After School Program at Gretchen Higgins Elementary, Dixon, CA

Dennis lab graduate student Colin Shew coordinated a Genetic workshop for elementary school students that took place at Gretchen Higgins Elementary School today. The workshop focused on teaching the basic structure of the DNA and the isolation of DNA from a strawberry. This activity was a lot of fun and the students enjoyed the workshop so much they asked for additional science workshops from us. We are grateful for Deborah, the ASPIRE coordinator’s help and look forward to going back and teaching more awesome science! :) Volunteers for this event included Dennis lab members, José, Ellen and Alex.

Neurogenetics Workshop @ San Juan High School, Sacramento, CA

Our lab conducted a two day hands-on workshop on genetics and neuroscience for ~120 freshman high school students at San Juan High School. This workshop was coordinated by graduate student Colin Shew and postdoc Alexandra Colón. On day 1 the students got to learn about PCR, restriction enzymes, gel electrophoresis to genotype a taste receptor. On day 2 students got to learn about the brain structure and function and how mutations can lead to alterations in its physiology and morphology, specifically in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Epilepsy. The final activity consisted of a sheep brain dissection that allowed students to become familiar with the different brain structures.

IGG Booth @ UC Davis Picnic Day 2017

Dennis lab graduate students Aarthi and Colin participated in the IGG Booth during this years (2017) Picnic Day at UC Davis. The focus of the activity was to teach participants about DNA, while they got to make a DNA bracelet as well as the genetics and applications of glowing genes.