New lab members

We are pleased to welcome three new lab members to the Dennis lab this quarter.



Alex Colon-Rodriguez started in January having received a dual major Ph.D. from Michigan State University. An avid animal lover, perhaps fittingly, her research will focus on developing high-throughput screens of neurodevelopmental phenotypes in zebrafish. 

grad student

Aarthi Sekar joined in April as part of the IGG grad group (originally hailing from Mills College). Armed with a remarkably diverse background in science outreach and research, she will focus on human duplicated genes.

grad student

Colin Shew joined in April as part of the IGG grad group having graduated from UCLA. With a general interest in evolution and mountaineering, he will focus on human duplications and gene regulation.

Welcome to our new gaggle of undergrads

This summer and fall quarters, the Dennis lab has welcomed a number of talented undergrads and a high school student to our group. Click on their images below to learn more about them!

Welcome our newest undergrad, Eva

We have another new addition to the Dennis lab, undergrad Eva Ferino! While pursuing her B.S. in Animal Sciences here at UC Davis, she will be working with Kyle to generate transgenic zebrafish. Notably, when not studying hard and working in the lab, her hobbies include reading, digital art, food, and crime shows. Certainly we can think of a couple others in the lab who share many of the same interests. Welcome Eva! 

Farewell Jennifer and welcome Paulina

Welcome to Davis, Paulina!

Welcome to Davis, Paulina!

As we say a teary farewell to an original founding member of the lab, Jennifer (who is embarking on an exciting career in law enforcement as she finishes her masters), we also welcome our first postdoc, Paulina Carmona-Mora! Originally from Chile, Paulina comes to us fresh off her PhD in UNSW Australia, Sydney, where she worked on the function of transcription factor GTF2IRD1 implicated in Williams-Beuren Syndrome. We look forward to equally exciting projects in our group!